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7 Offbeat Destinations That Every Traveler Should Explore In Tamil Nadu

Every state in India has something distinct to offer and charms vacationers from all over the globe. However, Tamil Nadu is undoubtedly the most breathtaking state in the country. The beautiful state of Tamil Nadu is renowned for its eye-catching society, flavorful cuisines, and vibrant expressions. It has many surreal destinations that satisfy all types of travelers like adventure, spiritual and food trippers. While some of the places in Tamil Nadu are extremely popular a few others are lesser-known tourist spots that offer a spellbinding experience to the globetrotters.

Here is a list of 7 offbeat destinations which you should explore on your next trip to Tamil Nadu



Perched at an altitude of 1800 meters, Kotagiri is one of the most renowned hill stations in the Nilgiris. It is a quaint town in Tamil Nadu, which is located very close to Ooty. Due to breathtaking verdure here, nature lovers and photography buffs flock this place all around the year. If you are lucky, you can spot wild animals like Gaurs and Wild boars here. It is well connected by roadways making it easier for tourists to reach this place. It is the perfect vacation destination for you if you prefer to spend a quiet vacation free from the chaos of city life. You can also find decent accommodation for your stay. You can easily cover this place over the weekend.

Best places to visit: Catherine Falls, Longwood Shola Reserve Forest, Nehru Park, John Sullivan Memorial & Dolphin Nose View Point

Best time to visit: October


Also known as Tranquebar, Tharangambadi is a beautiful town situated in the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most picturesque tourist spots in Tamil Nadu. It is also known as the Town of Dancing waves owing to gushing waves. It serves as a serene, rustic, and quiet escapade for folks who prefer offbeat vacations. You can see a great fusion of German, Danish, French, British cultures in every part of the town. It houses a 150-year old building which has been turned into a heritage hotel. So, there is no difficulty in finding accommodation in Tharagambadi.

Best places to visit: Fort Dansborg, Zion Church, Town Gate, Zieganbalg Museum Complex & Masilamani Nathar Temple

Best time to visit: November to March

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Kolli Hills

Kolli Malai

Situated in the central region of Tamil Nadu, Kolli Malai is a panoramic hilly retreat in Tamil Nadu. Kolli Hills stands majestic with an average altitude of about 1370 meters. The road to Kolli Hills has about 70 tricky hairpin bends which make the trip extremely adventurous. It is also one of the best pilgrimage sites in Tamil Nadu. It has two breathtaking viewpoints from where you can see a magical vista of the surrounding landscape. It is highly frequented by nature enthusiasts and pilgrims. Kolli Hills boasts of its rich and exotic biodiversity. In brief, Kolli Hills is the perfect location for a weekend trip full of natural beauty. For accommodations, there are many good hotels in Kolli Hills, which you can book at economical prices.

Best places to visit: Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, Arappaleeswar Temple, Botanical Garden, Selur Nadu & Siddhar Caves

Best time to visit: February to December



One of the offbeat destinations in Tamil Nadu, which has attained some fame in recent years is the beautiful ghost town of Dhanushkodi. Set on the southeastern tip of Pamban Island, Dhanushkodi is a paradise for beach lovers. The shoreline is quite wide and the water looks crystal clear. It is a great place to escape from our chaotic daily life. The shoreline in Dhanushkodi town is popular for its captivating view and fabled history. According to the history, while on the pursuit of Mother Sita, Lord Rama built the ‘Ram Setu‘, a bridge linking Sri Lanka to India. It is also a great place to explore marine life in India.

Best places to visit: Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park, Arichal Munai, Dhanushkodi Beach, Kothandaramaswamy Temple & Ram Setu Beginning Point

Best time to visit: October to February



Set at an altitude of 3500 ft above sea level, Valparai is one of the most scenic and peaceful hill stations of Tamil Nadu. Since Valparai falls is set amidst the Anamalai Hills of the Western Ghats, it is enclosed by verdure and awe-inspiring landscapes. The route to Valparai is an interesting one with lots of twists and turns, but impressive vista at every nook and corner. This makes it an ideal vacation spot for all the adventure buffs and also for folks who long for a peaceful weekend amidst nature. The tea plantations of Valparai are especially prominent and perfect for long and relaxing strolls.

Best places to visit: Anaimalai Hills, Tea Estate Garden, Nirar Dam, Balaji Temple & Monkey Falls

Best time to visit: September to March

Javadi Hills


Javadi Hills is a part of the Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu and is about 55 miles wide and 23 miles long. The average height of Javadi Hills is nearly 3070 feet. It is divided into two regions by River Cheyyar and River Agaram which is made of greyish blue rocks. As the population in this place is very low, you can have a relaxed trip here. Only a few tribal people live in this place. It boasts of a spectacular backdrop and a fantabulous climate. Though it is a small place there are some beautiful attractions for all tourists. Accommodation is also not an issue because there are many decent hotels and Javadi Hills never gets very crowded.

Best places to visit: Kavalur Observatory, Amrithi Forest, Beemanmadavu Waterfall & Komutteri Lake

Best time to visit: March to May



Famed for the Thousand Lingam Temple, Theni is a stunning hamlet in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu. It houses some of the most incredible hill stations like Vellimalai and Meghamalai. The temples in Theni are famous for its stunning Dravidian architecture. It is one of the best trekking and camping destinations in Tamil Nadu. Since it is very close to Kerala, the entire landscape is sprinkled with flourishing greenery. This is the reason why it is called the Earth’s Hidden Paradise. The famous things in Theni are Cardamom, Chilli, Grapes, Garlic, and Cotton. It is well linked by railways and roadways. The popular Vaigai River flows through Theni. Overall, it has alluring natural beauty and should be explored by all the photography freaks and nature lovers during the monsoon season.

Best places to visit: Vaigai Dam, Suruli Falls, Munnar Top Station, Vellimalai & Arulmigu Balasubramanya Temple

Best time to visit: October to May